Individual Therapy for Children (In-Home)

Is your child struggling at home or at school? Perhaps they are facing a difficult issue and you don't have the answer. Maybe you're exhausted from constant arguments, tantrums and melt-downs. Parents come to me when their children are struggling with a wide variety of issues. I treat children from preschool through high school.

Why In-home Therapy?

I come to your home, where your child is most comfortable so I get to know who they truly are. Your child may act very differently in an office setting than they would at home. In the safety of their home, they are more likely to show their true selves and open up about the problem. My aim is to understand how the interactions between your child, their challenges and a complex environment support and reinforce specific behaviors. This allows me to make recommendations individualized to your child in your unique family. 

Family Therapy

Families are complex organisms. I provide family therapy to help the whole family improve or rebuild their functioning. We work together to correct negative patterns, teach new skills and build healthy habits so your family can thrive. 




ParenT Coaching and Support

I love collaborating with parents to support positive behaviors and reduce or eliminate problem behaviors in their children. I believe you are the expert in your child so we design and implement behavior plans together that will work in your home. I teach evidence-based parenting techniques that are effective and foster healthy childhood development. 

Please note: I will not be working with your child individually when providing parenting support.  

Professional consultation

I provide professional consultation to marriage and family therapist, parent coaches, BCBAs and social workers on complex cases requiring expertise in behavioral interventions and mental health disorders. Learn more here